Saturday, 6 May 2017


Before we head off along the coast to Cabo de Gata and Malaga Nina prepares surely the best looking  seafood paella I've seen. Washed down with a little vinho blanca of course

Our second trip to Cabo de Gata ends in failure due to the weather again as this time it blows a hooly for a full two days and we are restricted to a careful ride out to nearby San Jose on Max for a tasty pizza on the beachfront

So we arrive at a good stopover not too far from Malaga for a few days and break out Max to whizz us in to the city

We both like this city with its mix of old traditional buildings and modern up market shops

The usual multitude of scooters parked up wherever they can fit in...

Working, but not for us today

After having foolishly lifted the 'waste hog' weighing in at 45kg full of water for disposal purposes a few days back I find myself in agony hobbling around the streets clutching my aching left thigh
Seems a bout of sciatica is in order, a new moanable lament for me, seeing any walking leading to nagging pain in my rear and a near useless left leg
So great....
Complete with contorted face we make the best of it and seek out our favourite tapas bar...

A nice rest here for an hour amid a plethora of tasty tapas

Soon after we are ensconced at the dealers near Seville again for a night halt to break up the journey and change the oil on Max
This is my best 'get on with it face'

Portugal is reached and we trundle along to a new aire at Moncarapacho where we find ourselves alone for two days. Friendly owners and good facilities including a superb showers block give us a comfortable stay

No one there and with the owner's permission its time for a burn...

Next day we head off to Tavira and a really nice fish meal recommended by Keith & Chris a while ago. This was the large 'volcano' salad sharing starter

Followed by Dorada & Sea Bass which was the best we've had so far

A wild camping spot with superb views awaits us the night before the In Laws arrive

Situated right next to the end of Faro airport runway
Bizarrely if you're in to either bird or plane spotting then this is the place for you...

Friday, 21 April 2017

La Azohia & Puntas de Calnegre

La Azohia and that seascape to view whilst relaxing at the local pizza restaurant

A favourite spot for sure

If you thought we'd gone to La Azohia for a rest then think again...
Those party animals Viv & John are already there and so its pizza and salad all round then

The site sits nicely back from the beach and the weather is brilliant!

Lunchtime next day after a heavy vinho fuelled night beforehand and we all visit a local seafront restaurant for a very nice menu del dia

An afternoon lost to very good company, dark beers and the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore nearby....

After a few days our new chums head down the coast a bit and leave us to recover our senses...

An amble around the bay and up to the torre which dominates the headland

La Azohia and as yet not in any touring books we know thankfully

That Torre complete with tower top terrace

Easter is coming up next weekend and I sample this weird delight from the site visiting bread man
A hard boiled egg (still in its shell) in sweet shortcrust pastry

Exercise is needed and so the bikes are pressed in to action

Taking us to nearby Puerto de Mazarron and a beer at the marina

A trailer full of water containers proves its worth by giving us five days at La Azohia
OK some folks could go two weeks with 236 litres of fresh water available but we are accustomed to a van that feels like home and that means not skimping on water consumption

We relocate after filling up to the area of Puntas de Calnegre and specifically a lovely wild camping spot next to the beach at Canada de Gallego and guess who's here already?

Vivian rustles the troops together and we are soon marched off along the beach trail to a beautiful small bay down the coast where we spend some time on the beach but yet more at the conveniently located beach bar

A couple of days are spent in Viv & John's company before they head back inland and ultimately back to their apartment south of Alicante

We move just a few kms down the coast to Taray Camper Park for a couple of nights tranquility and rest. Its just a short walk from there in to Puntas de Calnegre and the several tapas bars/restaurants on offer that front the shoreline
We both ate hearty fish meals that were very reasonably priced and soaked up the sun...

Some folks are put off by the vast array of greenhouses here but we just think: 
Tomatoes/avocados under cover = sunshine, and lots of it!

Have you spotted we kinda like it here?

Our morning view across the bay to Puerto de Mazarron


We move back to the spot near Canada and break out the boots and walking sticks

Hilltop ruins in a fine location, just add money....

We walk back past the camper park for yet more tapas in the village

Unusual this, so many wild flowers abound here and brought on by all that rain just before the Christmas period we are told

We can't resist a trip back to La Azohia one day on Max and settle for fancy coffee at a now favourite little bar we've recently discovered overlooking the sea

Max getting the 'job done'

And to finish here's Nina's latest creation complete with an Easter Bunny...

Time to get moving towards Portugal as the beginning of next month looms ever nearer
We are pleased we spent Easter here. The Spanish came en masse to the coast, many parking next to the beach in motorhomes, but the little village of Puntas de Calnegre coped really well and it was nice to see their little restaurants completely filled with happy folk freely spending money and helping the local economy