Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Just a short drive up the coast lies Chipiona & Rota
We service the van at a Repsol garage (with listed facilities) in Sanlucar and park up with quite a few other vans, mainly Spanish, in a car park near the marina in Chipiona
We've seen this site many times before and knowing Alphonso's site in Sanlucar would be either full or very busy we opted for three nights here this year

With Max as our steed and a very long promenade to walk we had all bases covered
To top that the weather was bang on!

We arrive on day 1 of the Chipiona Carnaval
That explains all the Spanish vans then...

We are soon off to our favourite seafront bar and enjoying a huge brandy and obligatory coffees
Only our Chums missing....

Chippy lighthouse in all its glory

Probably eighth on the property wish list but Nina wants it anyway

We were treated to a fine sunset, that and every night

Boots on and off we go next day (via the cafe of course)

The afternoon was spent amongst the heaving populous in the crammed side streets of Chippy enjoying the festivities

The theme here we guessed was 'Post Surgery Blues' but they still sang about their 'Cosmetic' woes

We tumbled in to this bar with surely the loudest music we'd heard in years..

We also got mobbed by Javes and his chums from Seville on our way back to the van who insisted on buying us beers 

A sobering ride next day to Sanlucar and a visit to the town square for those oh so tasty 'Tortilla de Gambas'

The late afternoon was spent further south in Rota where, can you believe it, yet another Carnaval was in full swing

Take off and landing may be an issue here...

Her face haunts me..
Defo a Cher looky-likey

Very 'Dastardly'

We wake up to fog on the last morning so go get provisions from downtown Chippy
These oranges are gonna hurt when they fall off..

Guess where next!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Cadiz/Puerto de Santa Maria

A couple of hours along the coast and we are stopping off at Gib to stock up on hard to get Brit items to tide us over till our return in the summer
Our original two night plan was slashed to just the one as we'd seen what we needed to before on previous visits and TBH we were glad when we were back on the road in Spain...

We travel up from Gib to Puerto de Santa Maria and head in to town to sample a few beers and a tapas bar Keith & Chris recommended to us after their visit here

Found it, and some fine fayre...

We sit in the sun for half an hour next morning awaiting the next departure across the water of the catamaran to Cadiz

The Taxi...

The Tourists..

Stunning as ever

Our mate Gull..


The Castillo de Santa Catalina proved to be quite interesting with some 'Explosive History' dating back to 1947 together with a Policia museum
It was also a prison to 'Conscientious Objectors' during Franco's time in power

Oh dear, Nina's been arrested!

Was the crime naked trampolining perhaps?

or wilful misuse of playground equipment?😊

Its Carnaval time in Cadiz too but thankfully today its quiet (apart from the very loud music being banged out from a stage downtown)

As ever we walk practically the whole city and take in some very nice tapa resulting in two tired teddies returning to Puerto DSA